Any questions? Double-check to see if anyone has asked them before you. The most frequent ones are listed below. Don't forget, you can always ask for more details.

Yes, using BAZO doesn’t pose any threat to you or your website users. We’re GDPR compliant and we don’t gather information about individual users. We also don’t collect sensitive data. All information collected via BAZO, comes from legal and publicly available sources.

Let’s start with basic information – if we identify a company that has visited your website, we’ll show you its basic contact details: the address of its registered office, main phone number or website. You’ll also find the tax identification number. Besides, you’ll see the complete history of a company visits to your website and take a look at past visits statistics. If you need more information, you can search for it on Google with a single click. We’ll also help you discover all employees associated with a particular company thanks to LinkedIn search.

You probably realize that we can’t tell you everything… Rest assured, some of the information is not a secret.

Unlike many solutions, we’re in no way dependent on Google Analytics. The BAZO algorithm is a fully proprietary project. It was created by specialists from the telecommunications industry who (believe us) know ICT networks like the back of their hands. Our algorithm checks, among other things, the IP of the user who visited your website. We link this information with publicly available databases. Thanks to that, we can show you in what way a company is interested in your website.

Everything. After all, it’s all yours.

You can use the information about who has visited your website in a variety of ways. BAZO is excellent when it comes to acquiring new sales leads – who will be more interested in your offer than a user who looks at your products for several minutes? Information about the viewed content will help you in negotiations. Don’t waste time – if you can find out the purpose of a company’s visit to your website, you’ll immediately contact it with the offer they need. Remember that your competitors are also visiting your website. If you learn about them in time, you’ll be better prepared for the upcoming tender.

We’re aware of two crucial arguments: you want to gain an advantage on the market and simply want to earn more. We’ll help you with both.

The information provided by BAZO will help you prepare better for tenders. You’ll get to know the exact needs of your future clients. This will save you a lot of time when it comes to preparing perfect offers.

Our automations will collect conttect details of the most interested users – in the form of short messages, phone numbers or e-mails. Reaching customers interested in specific products won’t be a problem. Simply create messages for selected products and tabs and personalize your offer.

The rule is simple – one BAZO code equals one subscription. Of course, if you want to link BAZO to more than one site, we can offer you more attractive terms 😉

You can’t do anything without two things – a website…and some traffic. Think: your website is a mill where you can produce flour. We give you all the tools and drive that mill. You have to bring the grain to it in the form of website visitors. The more grain you bring in, the more flour we can deliver to you. Simple.

Two departments will benefit from the presence of BAZO in your company: sales and marketing. Thanks to the identification features, your salespeople will get warm leads to feed their sales funnels. If you have savvy marketers in your team, they’ll know how to exploit BAZO automations potential, without a doubt. In short – with a little effort, you’ll increase the benefits of having a website. We’ll help you do it!

BAZO installation is not a complicated operation. You have 3 options to choose from: you can install the application using Google Tag Manager, the WordPress plugin, or paste the code manually. The whole process will take you a few minutes at most. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, we provide tools so you can quickly ask your site administrator for help.

When creating BAZO, we really wanted to make it as simple as possible. You don’t need 3 years of experience in similar systems to use the application. After 30 minutes spent in the User Panel, most of our users know all the functions and can use the information collected by BAZO in practice. If there is such a need, your dedicated consultant will conduct free and individual training for you. You’ll get to know everything and each employee from your team too.

Sure. We automatically offer a 10-day free trial to new users. However, if you decide that 10 days are definitely not enough, you can ask your consultant to prepare a quote for an individual test period on preferential terms.

It’s completely reasonable that you’d want to know. Monthly access to the service starts from $79 net. Remember that if you decide on an annual package, the price is definitely more attractive – you can have BAZO for even $63 net per month. We are willing to negotiate if you want to install BAZO on more than one website.

Absolutely not. You don’t need any specialist knowledge. If using the service is problematic at first, your account consultant will do his best to change it.

Anyone who wants to earn more via their website. We help you squeeze the maximum benefits from it, so if you generate traffic to your website thanks to ads, but you aren’t satisfied with the number of contacts collected, BAZO is for you.

We will do our best to make it so. Your account consultant will help you set up automations and tell you what you can do with the information provided by BAZO. However, you have to remember that you are ultimately responsible for the subsequent contact with the leads. We deliver the flour. You bake the croissants.

The most crucial difference in subscriptions is the amount of traffic on your site. If you have 10,000 visitors on your website monthly, the PLUS package will be perfect for you.

No. Our automations aren’t blocked by these plugins, but keep in mind that some blockers can stop the GTM script. If you install BAZO using this method, you’re at risk that your site’s visitor won’t see the automations or the tracking code – not registering their visit. However, this is still the fastest installation method. Something for something.