Are you in compliance with the provisions of the GDPR?

BAZO meets the requirements of the GDPR as an administrator and a personal data processor, however, customers should remember that they are also controllers of personal data so they also have the obligation to redress the provisions of the GDPR, which is independent of Bazo and is an individual process for each client.

Am I required to inform users that I am using such applications as BAZO on my site?

Information on the use of BAZO and sending analytical data can be found in the relevant sections in the privacy policy and regulations.

What are leads?

We know from experience that every BAZO user understands this term differently. To some people, the information about a certain company visiting the website, is already a lead. While others will only consider something to be a lead when they are in possession of a company’s contact details. In our understanding, leads are companies that are potentially interested in your product or service. We provide you with information about who visited your website. You can decide whether this information is good for you to contact the company or whether you prefer to find a direct contact to the decision-maker in the company – for example via the LinkedIn portal.