Action 1.1 Startup platforms for new ideas. Sub-measure 1.1.2. Development of startups in Eastern Poland project number: POPW. 01.01.02-06-0056 / 17

“Bazo – a system of monitoring customer activity on the websites of export companies.”

The BAZO application generates real-time key information on potential customers browsing the website (sales leads). The product is predisposed to operate at an international level. The product contains self-learning (machine learning) algorithms. Analysis of data collected on the basis of user visits to monitored websites and feedback on customer response will allow, based on Big Data analysis, to generate more and more effective information about key clients for a given industry.

Product innovation at the technical level consists of changing the form of providing information to the client (owner of the monitored website) – this is information provided in real time, via a mobile or web application (news-feed). Innovation at the technological level is a connection to local enterprise databases (API) dedicated to each country and contact data search filters. The value at the utility level allows for ongoing management of current information at the level of sales manager (various levels). Based on the proposed solution, the operation on specific information (sales lead) can be undertaken immediately.