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Recognition of companies visiting the site up to 125,000 page views per month 50, 000 125, 000
Weekly & Monthly reports
Sub-Accounts Unliimited Unliimited
Number of pop-ups Unliimited Unliimited

All features

Identify companies
Collect e-mails
Collect phone numbers
Mailto service
Emoji and Gifs pop-ups
Activating for contact
User redirection
Recovery of lost users
Automation in GPDR policy on website
Placing the company name in the content of the page - only in WordPress
Automation in Privacy Policy Service on website
Summary dashboard
Optimization for mobile devices
Intelligent targeting
Disabling branding

Technical support

Help Desk
Dedicated consultant

12 reasons why you will love BAZO

Bazo has everything you need to increase sales on your site.

Intelligent targeting
Display the message only for a specific company, subpage, or if certain conditions are met.
Personalization of the message
Use the company name in your message. Thanks to the knowledge of who is browsing your site, you can create an instant strong and personal message that works much better for a specific recipient.
Unlimited number of users
Do you have a large employee department? You can add as many as you like and assign roles to them.
Stop outgoing users
Convert users who want to leave your site. The message box will appear exactly when the user hovers over the page.
Encourage your clients to send an email or redirect them to any page
Show the appropriate window at the right time thanks to simple triggers. Redirect the user to the selected page or run the action of the default mail client or Gmail.
Encourage your visitors to make contact
You don't have the resources to support 24h company chat? Create a dedicated form targetted to a specific company and respond to customers at any time
Recover lost users
This automation allows you to bring lost users to your site. Thanks to it, you can create a short message in the browser tab. The message will appear when the customer goes to a different card than your site.
Ready templates for every occasion
Set up your popup in a few seconds. Use the templates we have carefully prepared. They will ensure the best conversion based on an analysis of all popups displayed in Bazo.
Artificial intelligence
We use artificial intelligence algorithm to search for you data of the company that came to your site. The algorithm works in the background all the time and analyzes huge amounts of data so that only the most useful information is displayed to you.
Research the traffic on your website, fully understand the statistics and activity of visitors without going through dozens of charts or lists. You will learn all the relevant metrics in one view and compare any period, all on one screen.
Publishing planning
Black friday, holidays, company birthday? No problem, plan your campaign in advance and wait for results.
Recognition of companies entering the site
Bazo identifies companies that have visited your site, collects emails, telephone numbers and messages
from your clients in the simplest way

Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept money transfers, online payments and card payments.

Do I need to sign an agreement in order to use BAZO?

We do not require signing a contract - BAZO is a service for which you pay according to its actual use. You pay your account from month to month or on an annual basis. In the event of cancellation during the settlement month, the fee will not be charged from the beginning of the following month. Do you want to have a more flexible offer? No problem! Sign a contract with us and thanks to this you can count on a more flexible approach to the settlement of your charges.

What if I don't quite grasp the new technologies?

Do not worry. You do not have to be a programmer in order to take advantage of the opportunities offered by BAZO. Our system is intuitive and easy to use. In addition, you'll receive straightforward monthly reports on the visits made to your website.

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