BAZO update – check summertime novelties

BAZO update – check summertime novelties

BAZO updates and optimizations

You have signaled to us that the application should run smoother and faster. This task wasn’t easy – new features appear pretty fast and the application grew rather significantly. The latest changes slightly slimmed down and optimized the app, so it will work a lot better now.

Moreover, we have optimized Slack notifications that you receive when you integrate your instant messenger with BAZO. Now they simply look neater and are more readable. Oh, when it comes to integrations there’s something else. The connection between BAZO and Zapier works even greater. We’ve also added some ready-made integration templates, so you can check what else you can do with the data provided by BAZO in your free time!

We’ve picked up a few elements that needed some adjusting. This time we focused on pop-ups. We added nicer shadows, rounded up, and underlined the frames. Briefly, the automations look cooler now! Plus, we have implemented a completely new feature on the Design tab in Smart Pop-ups. Now, when a user’s mouse cursor is in the automation area, the arrow will start pointing in the direction of CTA contained in the message. This should definitely boost the conversion of your pop-ups!

We also removed two functions, which you used much less frequently. You can no longer find Automation Compliance with GDPR and Privacy Policy in the Quick Marketing tab. Because of this, we were able to gently slim down the code and make room for the following novelties 😉.


Reports redesign

We know that you are more than happy to use system reports on BAZO app. We are also aware that we still need to modify them so that they serve their functions better. That is why we have taken the first steps in this direction.

One of them is to complement the reports with another valuable information – a postcode. Especially those who have extensive sales teams, with salespeople responsible for specific areas of the country, should be pleased with this innovation.

Now you can also decide who and how often should receive reports from BAZO app. Anyone with administrator access can now decide whether to receive weekly or monthly reports. Uh-huh! Very important thing! For those who want to be constantly up to date, but don’t have enough time to log in to the application every day, we have prepared daily reports. You can now get notifications about the most significant information from BAZO every day! Awesome, isn’t it?


We have also improved linking in the automatic reports so that all information is handed to you on a plate when you click on it. And we have mastered reports’ looks for those who work in Outlook 😉.

Storage of data

There are only a few changes here, although they are definitely important. Firstly, account data that is inactive for more than one month will be automatically deleted. Information related to the history of visits of specific companies on the site will disappear, but the most important data – leads  – stay.

The changes on BAZO also concern the history of visits. Currently, the history will be available up to 6 months back for all active accounts. Besides, the length of the user session has changed. We have extended it from 24 hours to a whole year! We also have a small improvement for those who have several pages connected to BAZO. Now by selecting the active instance (page) you will see a notification if the validity of the page has expired. A small thing but makes a real difference, right?

Check all the changes by logging to your User Panel!