Get more Business Contacts from your Site!

BAZO is a tool that recognizes which company entered your website and what it did during its visit. BAZO allows you to create individual prompts for your visitors, encouraging them to leave their phone number or e-mail.

BAZO is a user-friendly application for generating automatic leads from your site.
BAZO is a user-friendly application for generating automatic leads from your site.

Before you finish reading this text, a potentially interested client will leave your site!

You must know by now that the majority of people who visit your site will close it as soon as it’s loaded…

I tell you what – normally, your potential client, just like 93% of B2B buyers, starts his shopping adventure with a web search. He visits your website, browses through your products, has a few questions, but does not ask them, because he has to fill out a long form. He could probably use a chat, but you see, he’s running a business and doesn’t have much time. Your potential client who just came to you, says to himself “next time” and leaves. Bye, bye…

Wipe your Tears

And now imagine – a client comes to your site and you already know everything about him! You can see what interested him, how many times he’s been on your site, and more importantly – who he is. It’s not the end… the client, encouraged by a message perfectly selected for him, leaves his contact on your page. Is it impossible? That’s how BAZO works!


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    Identification of companies — with the help of artificial intelligence and in-house algorithm we will collect for you the data of the company that visited your website – its name, address, website, and even its phone number.
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    Quick marketing — is a set of mini tools that e.g. encourage a visitor to leave his contact through personalized messages (pop-ups) with the name of the identified company. It is much more effective than forms and chats. You can insert a photo, gif, or emoji in them.
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    Performance analysis ‒ see how your website works, see how many visitors you have, who they are, and how BAZO influences their purchasing decisions. BAZO is like Google Analytics but without breaking through dozens of report pages.
“79% of marketing leads never convert into sales.”

With BAZO you get high-quality leads. Have you
ever ignored a client who came to your office?
Don’t ignore a client who enters your site.

Who is BAZO for?

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    Are you a marketing specialist, who needs analytical data, creates buyer personas, and whose work supports sales departments?
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    Are you responsible for sales strategy and implementation of sales department plans?
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    Are you a sales representative who didn’t close the plan last month?
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    Are you responsible for export and just got a new challenging plan?

…well, just a sales man who’s looking for new channels, quality leads and wants to increase his client base? Or do you just want to sell more and more?

If you answered YES to one of the questions, you have a website, and you operate in the B2B area, then BAZO is for you!

Like for many more companies…

Don’t start your adventure with BAZO if:
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    Stevie Jobs was your father, uncle, husband...
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    You loathe money and despise sales
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    You're a unicorn with $1 billion in revenues per year and your current problem is where to put the next table football for your employees. is an excellent lead generation tool, supporting business development in many ways - it simplified our work, noticeably reducing the time previously spent on sales-related activities.
Mateusz Brzeziński, Marketing Manager - Cushman & Wakefield Polska

Benefits for your Company

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    You have a website, but it’s actually just a business card? You have no idea who’s visiting it, and what is he looking for? Thanks to BAZO you will find out who your clients are, what they are interested in, and how often they visit your site. With BAZO, you simply get an access to high-quality business contacts. If clients don’t come to your office by chance, they won’t visit your site either!
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    Do you want to keep an eye on the competition? Wondering what your opponents look for on your website? Thanks to BAZO you will find out who, when, and how much time someone spent on your website. I am serious.
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    You wonder whether public institutions are interested in you? Whether IRS is browsing your website? Don’t you know? You don’t know that because you don’t have BAZO, which easily identifies not only companies, but also state institutions.
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    You wonder who your clients are, how many of them you got from your website, what they are interested in, what devices, browsers they use. With BAZO you will optimize your actions and draw conclusions. You will see everything you need to know about your website on one screen! It is a simple but powerful analysis tool that you will master to use after just one minute.
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    If you want to expand your export and spend a lot of money on trade fairs, searching for clients, partners and distributors abroad, then BAZO will help you to get new export records.
“61% of marketers in the B2B sector consider that their biggest challenge is to gain new leads.”

Don’t let go of any leads. Thanks to BAZO you will receive a full list of contacts to clients interested in your products. Squeeze everything from your site. The juice is worth the squeeze! 🍋

Discover BAZO’s advantages:

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    Simplicity - let's face it - BAZO is not a marketing automation combine harvester with 2343 functions, most of which you won't even use. It's not a complicated tool that eventually will walk your dog. Nevertheless, BAZO has everything, absolutely everything you need to increase sales. Really.
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    Effectiveness – we are the only one on the market that unite company identification with the ability to create personalized messages and analysis. If we add to this dedicated consultant and your motivation to increase sales, nothing will stop us :). For sure.
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    Price - do you still know any effective sales tools? We're talking about really effective ones, which cost as much as a gym ticket, a business lunch... or a bar bill after Friday's payout?
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    Always by your side – I don't know if I introduced myself. I'm Szczepan. And I want you to know that our entire team works for your sales. Do you know Patryk or have you talked to Piotr? You see, we care about building lasting relationships. A dedicated consultant will help you to choose the messages, tell you how to use BAZO in your sales process. He will also talk to you when a big fish comes in – so you never miss a chance to sell. You are not left alone with a new tool, we are with you all the time.
„It turned out that the biggest competition of our company visited our website as many as 292 times.”
Dominik Polak, Vice-President, Pol - Mak S.A.

How does it work?

If you are still here, it means that you want to increase sales, you’re a solution designer and a fan of new technologies. That’s great, because in a moment you will learn how BAZO works.

With BAZO you always know who enters your site, what they do on it, and how much time they spend there. How is that possible? A group of sales representatives, marketers and programmers locked themselves in the dark basement. Months passed… And suddenly, when programmers for the hundredth time said “you can’t”, marketers once again turned on and off the computer, and sales representatives sold their TV sets to each other, it was created – ALGORYTM BAZO – a combination of people’s effort and the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The algorithm works like a woman – it knows everything about your clients, even though you don’t even realize that they exist!

How does BAZO identify your clients? Check it out by watching a one-minute animation!
Only 27% of leads sent by marketers to sales departments are considered valuable.

Don't waste your time on a desperate quest for new clients. BAZO gives you an access to the database of companies that are interested in your product.

Quick marketing – encourage your client
to contact you

Have you ever heard about quick marketing? The idea is simple, you turn it on and it works. Have you ever wasted hours configuring Marketing Automation tools? Have you taken the time to familiarize yourself with all of its possibilities?

BAZO offers the possibility of posting pop-ups, i.e., personalized messages that collect e-mails, calls and messages from interested parties in the most polite way. No graphic, no programmer.

You’ll think… okay, but I have a form.

OK, but tell me honestly, how many forms have you filled out in your life? Phone number, e-mail, name, job department, shoe size, a few approvals… finally, confirm that you are not a robot. Who would want to fill it out?

I don’t know if you know, but nothing works better than personalized messages, and you can create these in BAZO with just a few clicks. In the case of e-mails, even 6x more transactions happen. You see, it is the same with the message, a pop-up with the name of the company visiting your site.

What else can BAZO offer you

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    Come back to me – this automatization allows to bring in the lost users to your site. Thanks to it, you can create a short message in your browser card. The message will appear when the client will switch to other card than your website.
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    Use the company's name in the content of the WordPress page – thanks to this automatization, you can use the company's name in the content of a WordPress-based page to enhance the message's strength by personalizing it to a specific company.
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    Privacy Policy – display the privacy policy message in the least bit of annoyance.
"Thanks to BAZO we are able to attract twice as many individual clients as we attract with other tools"
Adam Bartoszewski, Sales Director in Vosti

Understand the Behavior of Clients, in other words: Website Traffic Analysis

Remind me, how much have you spent on Google Analytics training? Oops… You don’t visit Google Analytics too often, because you are overwhelmed by the multitude of reports, tables, summaries and you don’t understand much of it?

Well, it seems like BAZO is just for you. A simple and intuitive BAZO analytical panel will tell you which companies have visited your website most often, which browsers have they used, which bookmarks are the most popular ones, how the figures have changed in previous periods. You use the collected data to optimize your website, create buyer personas, optimize content and many other things.

Just 71$ per month!

Do you have a business lunch with a client today? Great! Good luck! Tomorrow, let it go and invest in BAZO. You will be able to reach ten clients instead of one! BAZO costs as much as your one business lunch! What is more, you don’t get a headache from it. 😊


Features Included in the Price:

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    Identification of companies
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    Collecting e-mail addresses
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    Collecting phone numbers
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    Mailto popup
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    Active encouragement of users to contact through a website
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    User redirection
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    The recovery of 'lost' users
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    GPDR automation
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    Placing the company’s name in the content of a page
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    Automation in Privacy Policy Service on a website
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    Analytical panel (statistics)
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    Intelligent targeting
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    Assistance and maintenance
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    Help Desk
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    Dedicated consultant

How to Start?

You make the decision “BAZO is for me!” You want to generate more leads.

Now what?

  1. You create an account or contact our consultant.
  2. You receive an individual code, which you embed on your website – alone or with our help.
  3. Voilà! BAZO already works in the service of your sales!
  4. For better results – you can set up pop-ups with us, monitor traffic, check quick reports. You increase sales and enjoy higher revenues.
With BAZO app we gain 30% more business contacts. Thanks to them we increased the number of new member companies by as much as 10% compared to previous years.
Grzegorz Baczewski, General Director, Konfederacja Lewiatan

Become a partner

[bazo-company] Add BAZO to the range of services offered to your clients, increase their effectiveness and earn more money. I can’t believe you didn’t even think about it once, when reading this text!

[bazo-company] Talk to Andrzej
He will tell you about the benefits that you can easily access with BAZO.



Who is the Offer for?

BAZO ideally complements the offer of companies such as creative studios, marketing agencies, software houses, consulting companies, companies providing IT services, business services.

Our partners


We Like to Help

Once, quite by chance, between spreading mustard on a sausage and working, somebody discovered that BAZO will work perfectly well in non-profit organizations. Just like in companies BAZO identifies potential clients, in foundations it can help to acquire new sponsors. “OK BAZO – it’s time to move on. Fly and do good” – said the president.

And it flew! BAZO is a great supporter of, among others, Gajusz or Tytanów Lublin Foundation.

Do you do a lot of good? Do you run a public benefit organization? Write to Patryk here:


Get to Know Us

You thought I was joking with that sausage, the basement, and the research? No, I wasn’t joking either when I said that BAZO can boost your sales by up to 30%, or when I was talking about Andrzej (third on the left) and Patryk (fourth on the right) or a dedicated consultant.

We are a team of analysts, sales representatives, programmers and experience designers who face the same challenges as you. For many years we have been generating business contacts for our clients through websites, web applications, marketing and advertising campaigns.

BAZO, which was created after the third battle of King UX with a gang of programmers, is here to work in the service of your sales.

And so in the end – tell me honestly:

…Do you know someone who DOESN’T
want to sell more?