BAZO is a comprehensive tool to collect contacts from your website in the fastest way!

Discover what company is browsing your website and what it's doing there. Ask for a phone number or an email in the most polite way. Turn a typical 'I'm just looking around' user into a new customer!

Every day 1,500+ users increase their company's profits thanks to BAZO!

Cushman Wakefield

Generating business contacts from a website means more
than just recognizing a company's name!

With BAZO app we generate 30% more business contacts. Thanks to them we have increased the number of new member companies by 10% compared to the previous years.
Grzegorz Baczewski, Managing Director, Konfederacja Lewiatan
Grzegorz Baczewski, Managing Director, Konfederacja Lewiatan
Companies identification

No more anonymous website traffic!

Your potential customers, like 93% of B2B buyers, start their shopping adventure with a web search. Imagine that your website is visited by users about whom you already know everything about: what company they are in, where they are from, what interests them. You can contact your potential clients right away or export their contact details!

It turned out the biggest competition of our company visited our website 292 times!
Dominik Polak, Vice-President, Pol-Mak S.A.

Lead Magnets

Get hot leads and encourage clients to contact you more quickly!
Smart pop-up

It’s a clever, quick and easy to use tool for creating effective automation. Besides, it’s designed down to the smallest detail, honeyed to the point where you want to click. Decide who and under what circumstances should see a personalised pop-up – and enable a client to contact you! No more standing on guard – set up once and turn on the tap of hot leads for good!

It's hard to believe it but BAZO's delivered a hot lead for us, just in 31 minutes since the launch of the first automation!
Mikołaj Ulatowski, CEO Dramix
Automation ‘Come back to me’

Bring the users who have left your site’s card back to you! With a single click, launch an easy, eye-catching message that will appear in your browser tab. Use a template or set your own engaging content. Use a general or personalised text – adding the name of the company that is currently on your site. Simple and effective.

Company’s name in prompts

The users of your website are browsing through a tab with your offer…and all of a sudden, BOOM! – see their company’s name directly in the text. This automation gives your texts a whole new dimension. Automatically add the name of the identified company in your entries and pages on WordPress, create personalised content and address it directly to your readers. Brilliant, right?