Have you ever wondered why your site is no collecting enough contacts? We at BAZO have.

We are a team of programmers, analysts, marketing managers and sales representatives. For many years, we have been giving our clients value in the form of websites, web applications, marketing and advertising campaigns. Working with various companies, we learned about many problems that entrepreneurs face. One of them is the frequently asked question: Why is my site not selling?

BAZO shows that standard methods such as a form on a webpage are often not enough. Did you know that only 3% of people use this form of contact? That’s why we encourage you to go a step further, reach for more so that you can access a different level, which will remain invisible to many. Have the visitors to your site not been interested in contacting you? No matter, no loss. Try reaching them from a different angle.

We like challenges that’s why we decided that it was an area for us. We have invested a lot of time, money and a lot of work into finding solutions. And that’s how BAZO was created: an application that allows you to get the most out of your site in the most automated way possible, bringing you new customers. Why not see for yourself how it really works!