Our Story

We were just wondering why your website
isn't collecting as many contacts as it should!

We are a team of programmers, salespeople, analysts, and marketers. For over 12 years, we have been delivering unique websites that help users grow their businesses online. Together with our clients, we wondered why only a fraction of visits to websites end with a request for an offer. We were pondering who our visitors are and what they really need. Most B2B companies face similar problems. That’s how the idea of BAZO was born.

We started with a simple plugin that informed users what company visited their site. Today BAZO is something more. We enable to create smart marketing automations, provide easy-to-understand website traffic analytics, and identify organizations that visit users’ sites. This allows us to increase conversions on www and squeeze more value out of the traffic our users bring to their websites. We’re constantly adding more features, so that BAZO is all out to work even more effectively for your success. Do you want to try it out?