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"It turned out that the biggest competition of our company visited our website 292 times."
Dominik Polak, Vice-President, Pol - Mak S.A.

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  • E-mail reports (monthly and weekly)
    E-mail reports (monthly and weekly)
  • Identification of companies
    Identification of companies
  • Collecting e-mail addresses
    Collecting e-mail addresses
  • Collecting phone numbers
    Collecting phone numbers
  • Mailto Popup
    Mailto Popup
  • Active encouragement of users to contact through a website
    Active encouragement of users to contact through a website
  • User redirection
    User redirection
  • The recovery of ‘lost’ users
    The recovery of ‘lost’ users
  • GPDR automation
    GPDR automation
  • Placing a company name in the content of a page
    Placing a company name in the content of a page
  • Automation in Privacy Policy Service on a website
    Automation in Privacy Policy Service on a website
  • Analytical panel
    Analytical panel
  • Intelligent targeting
    Intelligent targeting
  • Assistance and maintenance
    Assistance and maintenance
  • Help Desk
    Help Desk
  • Dedicated consultant
    Dedicated consultant
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Frequently asked questions

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How will you bill me?
We accept transfers, internet payments, and credit card payments.

How does the free trial work?
You can cancel the trial period at any time. You don’t bear any costs connected with using BAZO. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us.

Do I have to sign a contract to use BAZO?

You don’t have to sign any contract. BAZO is a “you pay if you use” service. You simply pay for your account monthly or annually. If you want to cancel your account during the billing month, the fee won’t be charged for the following month. You can also sign a contract to count on a more flexible approach when it comes to the payoff.

Do you have a big site on which traffic is greater than our plans?
Write to us. We’ll find the right solution for your business.

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Who’s the offer for?

BAZO ideally complements the offer of companies such as creative studios, marketing agencies, software houses, consulting companies, companies providing IT services, business services.