How does BAZO app work?

Collects leads, identifies potential customers and helps close sales!


How much work and money do you put into maintaining your website? Design, implementation, maintenance, SEO, AdWords, current content. This job brings results inform of leads. And how many visitors actually leave their contact details on it?

Statistics say that only a small percentage of visitors decide to leave their contact details.

Come out from behind the counter!

Visitors to your site devote just a few seconds of their attention to it. If at that time they do not find the information that interests them, they will not take the next step, therefore remain anonymous. As a business owner, don’t wait passively like the salesman behind the counter. Come out, welcome him and take the initiative!

This is exactly how BAZO works on your site:

  • It turns anonymous visitors into customers – with the help of algorithms and artificial intelligence, BAZO knows what company visited your site and what they did during their visit.
  • Personalise messages – BAZO uses the acquired knowledge to personalise the message and encourage one to leave a message, an email address or phone number in the most polite way.

BAZO is designed to generate the highest possible conversion for you with the least possible disruption to normal browsing. Nobody likes intrusive pop-up however BAZO pop-up is small and easily fits into any site. With the help of the available emoji you can tell a short story, making sure nobody passes by indifferently to what you have to say. In addition, you can reward the user with a spectacular animation of each completed form!

Install BAZO in a few minutes – find new customers and expand your business!